How Do You Create Your Own Online Business?


How to create you own online business

You need to make sure you’re all A1 in your mindset. First & foremost being good with yourself is key to your success, not only in life but in your business as well. You may be saying, “plenty of people who are unhappy or hate themselves are very successful,” while that may be true far too many of these people become a suicide statistic.

SO PLEASE, trust me & know that I’m coming from a good place when I say, get good with you! Besides, it’s more fun to be happy and successful vs. miserable and successful, am I right?

So, if you haven’t started your Entrepreneurial journey yet, or maybe you already have, how can you get right with yourself? You’re in luck, because I just so happen to have the most amazing mentor who created a great resource & tool to get right with you, called the Detox! Click here to get it. #GameChanger



What do you want to do? What is that one thing you’re like super passionate about? What would you be excited to do on the daily?

Once you’ve answered these questions you’re headed for the money. If you’re not sure where to start, you should definitely check out my favorite freebie, Find Your Forte! Click here to get it.

For me, it was somewhat simple. I had always had jobs in the creative field & when I realized, “Hey, I can do this virtually & create my own side hustle!” Then it became my full time within a couple of months from launching.

Once you figure out your thing, make sure to niche down in whatever field your in. For example, while I’m super good at everything administrative, executive, business related, it was important I niche down to really narrow in on a specific need(s). Why? because its going to help you A. Stay doing the things that bring you most joy & B. help you find your ideal client(s).


Determine your target market & create your mission statement. Your why. Your reason for doing what you do.

Your Brand/Business + What you do + Why you do it + The solution = Your Mission Statement

Mine is: TCD Creative is a creative consulting agency with a focus in branding, social media, & content creation to creatively elevate the everyday entrepreneur & business owner.



Create Visibility. That means, creating your brand.

  1. Brand Colors

  2. Logo

  3. Brand Fonts- Heading, Body, Links, Quote fonts, etc

  4. Website- I vote SQUARESPACE

  5. About Story- You can’t be afraid to share your story! Why do you do what you do…?

  6. Register Social Platforms- Don’t worry about content yet, make sure you park your business name so it doesn’t get taken!

  7. Create Content- This means, social posts, blog posts, articles, courses, products, etc…


Ready to LAUNCH?
I launched my business by doing all of the above in about 4 days. It only took me 30 days after that to transition from the 9-5 life to the remote work life. You can launch in as little as 24 hours, it’s all up to you!

So, let me ask you…

Are you ready to start your business?