Are You Using Instagram Stories/IGTV?

So y’all know how important Instagram is for your business! (I know engagement is sucking right now, but hold tight & invest in your good content.) We’re going to talk Insta-stories!

When I do Social Media for a client I like to incorporate Stories with Instagram TV. If you’re a blogger, coach, boutique, (literally any business,) you can combine these two outlets & create massive traffic/ engagement.

How do I combine the two? Here’s an example! See this story I created for clothing brand Speechless. This video is essentially optimized for IGTV & IG Stories, however we all know how IG Stories cut longer videos into segments.

(Side note: if you don’t have 10k yet, this is a way for you to utilize the swipe up feature.)

The key is to use the first video segment as a story & upload the full video to IGTV. You can now link the IGTV video to your story letting viewers swipe up to watch more!

Another benefit to this, is if you’re IGTV video is longer than 60 seconds you can run a preview to your feed, which helps you with traffic/engagement.

The KEY to success in this game is to promote your story or feed preview. (Keep in mind your content needs to be worthy!) Remember, it takes money to make money. Spend $100 & run a 3 day promotion, narrow your target audience to fit your promotion, and see what happens! You never know if you don’t try.


So, how do you share a preview?

It’s pretty easy to upload a IGTV video and share a preview to your Instagram feed. However, you only get one chance. When you initially upload to IGTV you’re prompted to either select Yes, to send a preview to your feed or not. Remember, if you do choose to send this preview to your feed it will put your video on the grid, which will ultimately have you deciding deeper on cover photo’s and such to go with aesthetics. Also remember that this is the ONLY CHANCE you get to post a preview, you can’t go back, once you post your IGTV video it’s done.



As stated previously, when you share a preview to your feed, that preview lives on your grid. Therefore, YOU WANT NICE COVER PHOTO’S to go with the aesthetic of your feed. Make sure you position your cover photo in the center of your 9:16 ratio video, that way when Instagram converts your cover to a photo on your grid it is positioned perfectly in the 1:1 grid.

You can post HORIZONTAL video now, thank you Insta! However, statistics show users on Instagram still prefer to watch vertical.

The title of your IGTV Video becomes YOUR CAPTION & you can’t change it after you’ve clicked done. This caption can be 75 characters long giving you some creative wiggle room.

Don’t forget, if you’re under 10k followers & don’t have access to that SWIPE UP feature IGTV is great way to utilize that feature and get your audience to view longer content. Simply upload your IGTV video and link it to your story post!

What do you think about the new igtv preview feature?

Let us know & drop it in the comments below!