Are you using quizzes in your business?

I always see quizzes circulating around facebook and they’re so fun and a great way to interact with your target audience. I recently created my very own quiz using Interact, an interactive quiz builder.
I had no idea how easy it was, keep reading to see how you can incorporate quizzes in your business in three steps!
Click the button to check out the quiz I made, which helps you determine what kind of entrepreneur you are.

Step ONE:

Do you want to learn how to make you’re own interactive quiz? Click here to start. I created my first quiz in about twenty minutes (yes, it’s that easy!) I started by developing a topic for my quiz. I wanted to chose something that would be fun and exciting for those interested in starting their own entrepreneurial journey. I also wanted to chose a topic that correlates to my business and would intrigue my audience. I am a creative consultant who assists in developing brands and curating and marketing brands to create impactful brand awareness that’s creative and unique. I felt that discovering what kind of entrepreneur you are would benefit my audience and serve a specific person looking to dive deeper into the world of entrepreneurship and discover where they fall in that realm. I created 5 questions that had specific and direct answers that correlated with each type of entrepreneur. For me and the purpose of my quiz, it was simply to try something new and see what kind of traction I could achieve from it! This is only my first quiz and I just can’t even stop thinking of all the future quizzes i’m going to create for business!


Deciding which kind of quiz you’re going to create is the most fun! The possibilities are seriously endless. No matter what your profession or niche there is a quiz for you and your audience. I chose to go with a template for my first quiz. When I try new programs or platforms I like to use templates to help me better navigate and see all the options I have versus starting from scratch and not knowing where to start. Which is usually my problem- I often find myself flooded with ideas and totally overwhelmed!

“What Kind of An Entrepreneur Are You?” was already a template so it was perfect! I altered the results, questions, and answers to make it more me. I did my own research on different types of entrepreneurs and made my quiz a little more pop-culture and relatable. It’s so easy to change pictures and brand the template specific to your branding.

I went with a “personality” quiz style template. They offer three types, however I felt like a personality quiz is always so enticing and engaging. We always want to know more about ourselves, why we do things, and so on, so a personality quiz was a no brainer.


Results! Interact’s quiz builder makes it so easy to collect leads by giving you two options. You can chose to prompt your quiz taker with an opt-in to receive their results. Even better than that, you can chose to provide a CALL TO ACTION in your results page. I chose to just provide results and give them the ability to opt-in if they wanted too, I didn’t want to pressure them for their email and I didn’t chose the opt-in route because I don’t have an offer that correlates to my topic & results. The fact that there is the ability to chose to add a CTA I know will benefit my clients and you & your business!

Interact is the most innovative way to capture leads! You have 6 different options for promoting your quiz, from embedding it to your site to creating a pop-up on your website or landing page these interactive quizzes are exciting and enticing ways to create profitable funnels that capture leads. Click the button below to get started and start engaging with your audience using fun and interactive personality quizzes for your target audience.