5 Tips to Improve your Social Media

5 tips to improve your social media

Do it, or don’t…

I mean, you can try them or not. I utilize all of these tips when posting (not as consistent as I should…) & I have excellent engagement. Just go look at my feed, click here.

post with purpose social media tips

Post with Purpose

1. It’s super important to not over post. I’ve had clients and seen people post like, 5x a day (I used to be this person- don’t worry.) It’s important to post content at least once a day per platform, if you want to be extra savvy you’ll post twice, AM & PM.

be honest social media tips

Be compelling, real, and honest

I can’t stand scrolling my feed and seeing awesome pictures with no caption, or an emoji, or some lame phrase. I’m like, “did you take this picture, why are we posting, where is the purpose?” Maybe, that’s just me. Personally, I’m more likely to LIKE and COMMENT on something I relate too.


Keep your head up

1. Look, people are mean (mean af.) Ultimately if someone has something negative to say, YAY! Call your mom and be like, “LOOK MAMA I MADE IT.” They say hate is the biggest form of flattery... bottom line don’t inhale that crap. YOU’RE DOING IT. What are they doing? Living in their mom’s RV parked next to the house watching Jerry Springer all day. Yeah, think about it.


Keep it relatable

When your posting a picture or a graphic make sure it correlates to what you’re posting. It’s so confusing to see a picture or graphic depicting something different than the caption.


Keep it cohesive

I am personally OBSESSED with Plann it’s a grid layout for planning your content and aesthetics & so much more. I believe it’s super important to maintain a cohesive aesthetic across all platforms it creates a strong representation of your brand, which is crucial.