My Journey To Becoming A VA

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How did I become a Virtual Assistant?

It’s been a long journey… i’ve literally had so many different titles and roles that combined make me a smoking gun for assistant services of virtually all kinds (no pun intended.)

My boss who I actually currently am an executive assistant for pushed me into this pool of virtual assistants.

Shocking, right?

“Go start your own business, b*tches are killing it,” her literal words.

So I did.

q: explain these many different roles and titles?

I’ve been working since I was fifteen years old. I started working fashion retail my sophomore year of high school. I was raised primarily by my dad, who’s a widow, and I think that sending me to work as soon as it was possibly legal was the best way for him to ensure I stayed out of trouble.

My dad was super young (is super young) and he was always throwing parties and having people over. He had a girlfriend (platonic) who I loved. She is a super talented designer and creative artist and human being, but she is the person who really took me into the world of fashion. She was going to F.I.D.M. for design, at the time and was attending all kinds of exclusive events and interning for production houses that put on insane fashion shows. I was lucky to assist her in working production for several LA Fashion Week runway shows in 2005 (Escada, Salvatore Ferragamo, Fendi.) I was so hooked. Whether I was working back of house dressing models, or arranging pieces and polaroids, steaming garments, lining up models, WHATEVER- I was so down to help in making a stellar production.

After high school it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do.I finally realized that F.I.D.M. was really culture and tribe. So I went after my Merchandise Product Development degree. I worked so many cool internships and went from working retail to working as a production assistant to a jr. graphic designer.
It was insane and I learned so f***ing much!

I then landed a job as a personal stylist for Nordstrom Santa Barbara. Where I assisted stay at home mompreneurs and affluent women in SB with wardrobe and style that reflected the best version of themselves. I was LOVING it and totally killing it BTW… (top seller in the house.)
But all good things come to an end or in my case most good things are too good to be true and I left Nordstrom on not so good of terms as I severely conflicted with a male manager of my department (we’ll save that for another story.)

After leaving Santa Barbara and heading back home I was kind of just floating around… not really working, kind of just chilling.

My dad sent me a text saying, “You need to hit up my friend, she does music festivals and she’s cool and looking for a nanny.”

And I’m like… cool. I’m 27 and going to be nannying, awesome. Not really what I envisioned, but it never really is (lol.)

So weeks later I reach out to dad’s said friend and she invites me to an interview. I go with full intentions of being a nanny to some tiny germ infested, but cute human and instead am given a graphic design role. Thank gosh I took my resume! I almost didn’t because it’s like a friend of the family and I didn’t know how serious to take it. Thankfully I did. It was perfect timing too!

So all of that led me to become the executive and personal assistant to my boss and her company, which I believe qualifies me to be a virtual assistant.

q: “So I did.” - What was that like?

I had been with my boss for two year at that point. She had been through a “situation” that prompted her to do some deep rooted self work. Being the generous woman she is she passed down everything she was learning to her team. And while she was growing I was growing and becoming more confident in myself. We also went through some business coaching programs which gave me a lot of hands-on knowledge about being an entrepreneur and starting a business and whats more important than what, etc. Most importantly- I was (am) being taught key skills and tools to create my profitable business.

I was extremely scared, but I decided- WTH, go for it!

Definitely a blessing to have a supportive boss, for sure. But it was definitely the next step for me. I spend 100% of my time improving the business and lifestyle’s for everyone I know, why not offer those skills on a mass level, like the internet.

So here we are, at TCD Creative. Now a full blown presence on the web and across social media platforms. I created it in 2015, but it was super low-key. No social media, nothing, just simply word of mouth. I was doing wedding invitations and save the dates, phonebooks, websites, personal styling, event coordination, literally so much sh*t! It’s super excited to have support from people who believe in you and your craft, but it also helps when you believe in you and your craft.

xx- Jordan