My Journey to Becoming an Entrepreneur

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How did I become a Femme-preneur?

It’s been a long journey…
I’ve literally had so many different titles and roles that combined make me a smoking gun for assistant services of virtually all kinds (no pun intended.) My FORMER boss- now my best client- Serena, who I currently assist in real life, is the one who pushed me into the world of entrepreneurship. Shocking, right?

“Go start your own business,
b*tches are killing it,”
her literal words.

So I did.

It wasn’t doing it that was the hard part, it was getting there.

My dad made me get a job when I was fifteen years old... So, I picked an industry I was obsessed with- FASHION and got a job at a small boutique in my hometown. 

I was raised primarily by my dad, who’s a widow, and I think that sending me to work as soon as it was possibly legal was the best way for him to ensure I stayed out of trouble. My dad is very young, in comparison to other dads I know, and he was always throwing parties and having people over. He had a girlfriend (platonic) who I loved! She is a super talented designer and creative artist and human being, but she is the person who really took me into the world of fashion. She was going to FIDM for design, at the time and was attending all kinds of exclusive events and interning for production houses that put on insane fashion shows. I was lucky to assist her in working production for several LA Fashion Week runway shows in 2005 (Escada, Salvatore Ferragamo, Fendi.) I was so hooked! 

After high school it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to be in the fashion or beauty industry, but I wasn’t so sure about college and going for a traditional business degree or going to a specialty school for design. I finally realized that FIDM was really my culture and tribe. So, I majored in Merchandise Product Development. I worked so many cool internships and went from working retail, to working as a production assistant, to a jr. graphic designer! 
It was insane and I learned so f***ing much!

I then landed a job as a personal stylist for Nordstrom Santa Barbara. Where I assisted stay at home mompreneurs and affluent women in SB with wardrobe and style that reflected the best version of themselves. I was LOVING it and totally killing it BTW… (top seller in the house.) But all good things come to an end and left Nordstrom.

I decided that small town Santa Barbara just wasn’t for me. It was beautiful, YES, but loaded with open minded people and opportunity, NO. 

So, I packed up and I moved to West Hollywood. I got a cute apartment under Runyon Canyon. It was perfect, except for the fact that I didn’t have a job. I was kind of just floating for a couple of months, living off savings and freelancing my services here and there, partying a lot, dating a lot… I was definitely lost. 

Very unhappy with the way things were going in my career, being 26 and not really on the path to careerville, I decided to let someone into my life who made me feel complete. 

He was wealthy, and young, and smart, and a “business owner,” and he made me feel 100% even though I wasn’t and little did I know he was a sociopathic, scammer, with one motive- SELF SERVICE. He did not care about me AT ALL. He saw a vulnerable, weak, girl, and manipulated her into getting what he wanted. It was one of the most insane, short lived, relationships I’ve ever had! 

In the middle of our relationship together I got an amazing opportunity to work production for a knitwear/ hosiery company. It was perfect timing because I was spending my days being tormented by my boyfriend and feeling like I needed to find an escape. I ended up really excelling in the job and got the opportunity to learn how to design knitwear via CAD programs and completely killed it! My boss at the time made me feel like an asset to the company, but… once again I found myself at war with the female creative director of the company. She hated me. Why? I’m not really sure, but If I had to guess, she was probably insecure.

I came home from work one night, completely drained, only to come home to a BOY (not a man) who lifted me up just enough to break me down. It was in that moment, I looked at myself in the mirror (I had locked myself in the bathroom,) and realized I DID NOT DESERVE THIS. 

My family knew things weren’t right, from the simple fact that he basically alienated me from them. So, when I called my dad, he was ready to show up at my apartment with a group of his friends and a shotgun. BUT, I assured him I could get out safe and that my best friend was going to drive down and help me pack up and get the F*** out. 

I moved home. I took only what I could fit in my bff’s and my car. I changed my phone number, changed my passwords, blocked him from anything I had and I never looked back.

I commuted to LA for a while before I quit working for the knitwear company. I realized my boss wasn’t going to get this lady to be a civil human being and I just didn’t have time for the toxic energy in my life after what I just went through. 

I went back to therapy and just focused on myself. One day I get a text from my dad saying, 

“You need to hit up my friend, she does music festivals and she’s cool and looking for a nanny.”

And I’m like… cool. I’m 27 and going to be nannying, awesome. Not really what I envisioned, but it never really is (lol.)

So, after weeks of procrastination, I reach out to my dad’s friend, Serena, and she invites me to an interview. I go with full intentions of being a nanny to some tiny germ infested, but cute human and instead am given a graphic design role. Thank god I took my resume! 

Working with Serena, taught me so much. So much about myself and my self-worth. Serena was the woman I had needed all my life, she’s my mentor. She pushed me to make changes in myself by owning my past and choosing to not let those things define my worth. She showed me how to love myself. After two years of working for Serena she told me to start my own business and last August I did. 

But I never would’ve succeeded the way I’m succeeding now. Why? Because I wouldn’t have felt complete on the inside and it’s truly about what’s on the inside that gets you to reach your fullest potential and success. Love yourself and everything else will follow.