People ask me all the time…

“How did you create your own business and start making money so quickly?” The truth is, I’ve had the ideas since I was about eighteen and didn’t launch successfully until Summer 2017. Another common question, “Why?” I simply didn’t have the courage to take the leap and start my own business.

For me, growing up in the California public school system and then private college at the age of twenty, I was always taught to have a mentor or find one. Growing up I felt like I had many mentors, in my family, older friends, etc. Starting at a young age I have been surrounded by “movers & shakers” and of course “burnouts” and those who stumble down the wrong path. Seeing both sides of “success” and “failure” has always given me perspective on my journey. There have been many times where I didn’t feel good enough or that my creativity wasn’t good enough and these are the thoughts that held me back.

It wasn’t until I was 26 when I finally found my mentor, not just in business, but for life. Her name is Serena Flowers, (my dad introduced us, they’re old friends) and she started her very own business in her twenties and has scaled that business to seven-figures. In the short time I was under her wing I learned so much about owning and operating a business. More importantly she saw the femmepreneur in me and is the person solely responsible for pushing me to make this happen.

So, how did I create my own business and start making money so quickly? 1- I knew what I was good at, 2- I knew people needed what I had to offer, and 3- I networked (and still do!)

I’ve always known my passion for creativity would become my business
— Jordan Ashley, Founder @ TCD Creative

What separates me from other virtual creatives? Easy, I value every client individually. No two clients are the same nor should they be treated like it. It’s important for me to help femmepreneurs thrive and in every job, with every client, I make sure to give them the tools and quality input to succeed, because I’ve seen the failures, made the mistakes, and taken the leaps. I’m basically your new business BFF! Ready to work together? Take the quiz to find out what TCD Creative can do for you, by clicking the button below.