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“Making millions isn’t a walk in the park”

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meet Your Virtual Assistant

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I’m jordan

I assist entrepreneurs & businesses with a variety of services so they have more freedom for their business and lifestyle.

Being surrounded by CEO’s, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and being a live action personal assistant (in real life) I’m able to see the struggles of juggling business and lifestyle.

You want to be CEO not a social media manager, marketer, emailer, graphic designer, web developer, etc… Let’s face it, you’re not an expert at EVERYTHING and it’s important to delegate your tasks to experts in those fields, it’s even better when you find someone who can do it all!

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You Need To Hire A Virtual Assistant…

You work hard and you want to play hard, I get it!
But how’re you supposed to run a six-figure plus business and maintain relationships, children, networking/ social events, self love… (the list could go on.)
You’re only one person, what’s the solution? Easy, a virtual assistant! You don’t have to do it alone! Let me help you.

I can successfully execute your vision,
juggle your to-do list, re-vamp your creative content,
and so much more!

I think we’re the perfect fit
& I know you will too!


“Life would be so much easier if I had an assistant”

said every entrepreneur, ever.




“not a luxury, a necessity.”

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